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How Gods Love Tabernacle Church Started

GLT church

On the month of October 2005. Pastor Segun and Funke Obadje who were in Abuja to leave for Ife to start work. God had given them a mandate in their heart to preach and teach with all simplicity and clarity the New Creation Realities in Christ Jesus.

Some months after they left from Abuja in February 2007. God’s Love Tabernacle International Church started in a small room in Ile-Ife with about ten (10) people in attendance.

In an interview on the vision of GLT Pastor Segun said GLT church is not another denomination, but a movement and an on going move of God’s Spirit to awaken the truth of His word and the reality of His blessed Holy Spirit.

Pastor Segun only started out with only 10 members and the testimony has gone from tens to thousands now. GLT church now has her permanent site opposite the OAU campus.

With an auditorium of about one thousand five hundred capacity, with various extensions and outreach in Ikeja, Lekki, Newcastle, Ibadan, Akure, Ghana and many more.

The Set Man At GLT Church

Pastor Segun & Funke Obadje

Pastor Segun & Funke Obadje

With over fifteen years of active ministry, Pastor Segun Obadje has dedicated his entire life to teaching and preaching the gospel of Christ Jesus. He is an Apostle by calling with exceptional Teaching grace.

Pastor Segun’s ministry expresses the balance between the Word with the dynamics of the flow of the Spirit. Pastor Segun is the author of The Leverage daily devotional and also the host of the daily video broadcast Sphere of Grace and has also written lots of books like the 5 Ms of Ministry. You can check more about his books here.

Pastor Segun Obadje is married to Pastor Funke Obadje who is also a strong minister and prophet of God. Mrs Funke Obadje is a new testament Prophet to young men, women and a mentor to young women.

The Defining Traits of GLT

1 The Word

At Gods love tabernacle church. They preach and teach New Creation Realities with simplicity and clarity in Christ Jesus stressing emphatically the integrity of God’s Word.

2 Worship

The worship atmosphere at GLT is awesome. Worship of God is of paramount importance and a vital part of the culture at GLT.

3 Prayer Life

In line with the commandment of Jesus, men always ought to pray and not to faint. The prayer ministry at Gods love tabernacle is exceptional.

4 Evangelism

Every believer is in the commission to evanjalise. But GLT have great ways of bringing unsaved souls to Christ.

5 Mentoring

GLT believe in training and raising people up through mentorship and discipleship.

6 Strong Love walk

They believe in forgiveness, making and peace with people.

7 Excellence

GLT believe all things should be done decently and in order.

8 Flows of the Spirit

They allow the Spirit of God to have expressions in their midst.

9 Honour

They believe that one of the major way to command grace is to work in honour with others.

Vision Of GLT Church

To teach and preach with all simplicity and clarity the New Creation Realities in Christ Jesus, stressing emphatically the Integrity of God’s Word by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Mission Statement

Raising Kingdom Ambassadors, Manifesting Abundant Zoe

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