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Review About Anakle Nigeria

Anakle is a digital marketing agency that helps brands build good customer experiences for both online and offline audiences. This article gives a brief review of Anakle Nigeria and the inspirational journey of Editi Effiong.

Anakle is a local partner in building great intelligent media solutions on the internet and mobile platforms. They help develop and manage online advertising campaigns, and help brands build applications and creatives for a wide range of platforms.

Anakle have built nearly a decade of experience working on different projects for top brands in Nigeria’s leading market, and they always aim to provide top notch quality and service delivery.

Anakle Nigeria provides internet marketing services for brands and agencies. They provide services like web, product design services, and strategic communications.

Anakle is also well known for creating very viral campaigns on social media. An example of one of their viral campaigns is the Brideprice App of 2014, another is the Call Your Mum App of 2015, and its Things Come Together ad for Wikipedia in 2017.

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The Journey of Editi Effiong

Editi Effiong is the CEO of Anakle and founded Anakle in November 2010 while working as a country manager for XEQ Technology and project manager for Thompson & Grace Group.

Editi Effiong had the vision to create a leading digital marketing agency in Nigeria and he started building websites by the age of 18.

“One very good day, I was out with my friends when another of my friends came back from the cafe late. His apologies were sorry, I was building my website and I forgot the time.

I have been looking for ways to learn web design and there was a friend of mine who already knew how to do it. I asked which site he used, and he explained to every one of us. I left the boys to continue with my adventures, and went to the café to do more diggings.”

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Today, Effiong’s company has delivered services to top brands like FirstBank, Access Bank, Procter &Gamble (P&G), Coca-Cola, British Council, UBA, Glo and among others.

How Editi Effiong broke into the limelight

Editi Effiong

Editi Effiong learned how to build websites from his friend. He used a content management system to build his first website and it was a website for an advertising a web development business which Effiong said came after his friend’s revelation days earlier.

In no time Editi got his first client who paid him N8000 naira for a new website he built without spending any money. Another month came and the same client came back and paid N12500 naira for another website.

Editi Effiong then decided to write a proposal with his company’s letterhead changing the I to us in its content. Editi gave a pitch of the importance of websites and how his company can help small-medium businesses get their websites ready.

He also had made business cards which he printed on cardboard paper and cut neatly. He sent his proposal which he had made to some companies and in a few weeks got a call for them.

Editi Effiong got an offer from a hotel in Calabar for his services. After seeing the person in charge of the offer in Calabar, he decided to charge N75000 naira for the job.

On getting there Effiong changed his mind and ended up signing the deal for N300000 naira. What a bargain. He later used the money he got from the job to buy a laptop.

Having worked as the Country Manager for XEQ Technology, and as the product manager for Thompson & Grace Group. Editi started Anakle in 2010.

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