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Review about Webcoupers Nigeria

This article is a brief review of Webcoupers Nigeria and advice from the boss himself the CEO of Webcoupers Peter Ajegbomogun.

Webcoupers Nigeria is a Digital Marketing agency in Nigeria. They are part of the Google Premium Partner agency in West Africa.

They help brands in Nigeria connect to their online audiences by providing practical Digital marketing & technology expertise. Webcoupers use digital marketing strategies and tools help brands reach a more desirable demographic and specialized audience

Webcoupers Company is a Google Partner agency. This means that Webcoupers get at-least 1 individual from the marketing agency has Google Adwords now Google Ads certification and the agency has also managed about $10000 for a period of 90 days.

Webcoupers usually work with brands who are willing to spend more than $1500 as their monthly budget.

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There are two levels of Google Partner badges a digital marketing agency can attain. The first is the Google Partner badge and the other is the Premier Google Partner badge.

The Google Partner badge is the basic and Premier Google Partner badge is more advanced certification from Google.

Advice from Webcoupers Nigeria CEO (Peter Ajegbomogun)

Peter Ajegbomogun

“The journey to starting a digital agency started when I was in my final year at the University of Ibadan. I was in the computer science department faculty of science.

There was a marketing challenge held by Google called the Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC). The Google online marketing challenge is an opportunity for students to learn Google Adwords.

What happens during the challenge is Google gives each team a test budget of $250 for a duration of about 3 weeks to push targeted campaigns for the chosen client. My team came second in the regional finals and we were all given certificates and recognition for a good successful campaign”

“Our client, a network engineering company based in Ikeja, Lagos was able to generate over 60 leads in phone calls, emails, and sales. This was the beginning of my journey into the Digital Marketing Industry. My hard knock journey in the school of Entrepreneurship is a story for another day”

Practical ways in starting a digital agency from Peter Ajegbomogun

Digital Marketing is very wide. I have met with many Digital Marketing Experts and Instagram coaches. The meaning of an expert is someone that knows everything about something.

The first thing you have to understand about Digital marketing is you cannot know everything about everything in Digital, and in any field, you venture into. There are about 20 career opportunities you can have in Digital Marketing.

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A good way of making a good and unique impression as both an agency or an individual is to pick one area that interests you and apply the 10000 hours rule to it.

Own that niche and make sure that you are the go-to guy in that area. In general, there are two types of digital agencies. 1 the creative agency and 2 the Digital Marketing Agency.

The Creative Agency is responsible for coming up with contents and graphics of a campaign while a Digital Marketing agency aim is to push the content on various Digital marketing Channels e.g Google Search, Google display networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

You would need to make a good decision on which type of agency you wish to start and define your core aims clearly from the beginning.

The digital agency that functions both as a creative and in the aspect of Digital Marketing is referred to as a Full-Service agency and it usually takes years and years of experience to effectively be able to offer both services.

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Even full-service digital agencies still have their core service, for example, a creative agency could offer the following or a combination of the following services Graphics Design, User interface User Experience Design, Animation graphics, 3D graphics, Branding, Video Production and strategy, web design etc. Some areas of specialization you will find in a Creative Agency are Graphics Design, 3D artist, and Strategist.

Digital Marketing Agencies offers more technical services like pay per click advertising, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Programmatic Buying etc. Roles you can find here include Data Analyst, Search Engine Marketer, Programmatic Manager, Account Manager, and Social Media Manager.

If you have been inspired to start your own digital marketing agency. Please leave a comment below of which service you would provide.

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